Stakeholder Management

How the outside world reacts, responds, and impacts your project

Ah, stakeholders. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, these are the organizations, groups, and/or individuals that will impact and/or be impacted by your project. For example, projects are often paid for by someone outside of your team– and that someone cares and often wants to be in decision loops—or least informed of project progress on a regular basis… or else they might decide to stop supporting the project. Similarly, there are customers who will use the produt once delivered, and these people often have strong opinions about scope and quality and schedule. There can also be government regulatory entities who have a say in how you can procure the widget, trade associations and unions that want a piece of the pie, interest groups who want you to succeed or fail, suppliers, lenders, senior management, etc. that all have a stake, big or small, in your projects’ success. How you identify, monitor, communicate/inform, manage, and ultimately satisfy these stakeholders can have a huge impact on the perception of whether your project succeeds or fails. 

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