Schedule Management

How long will your project take to complete?

Projects are, by definition, temporary in nature. This means every project has a definitive start and a specific targeted end date. Said another way, every project has a schedule. Often the date of a project’s beginning may be somewhat fuzzy as an idea evolves into a true project and gains actual funded momentum. The end date, however, must be clearly defined so that all the project participants agree on what it means to be complete. A project’s success is often determined by how well the PM does in defining & managing the schedule, hitting specific milestones along the way, and most importantly of all, meeting the specified delivery date of the product at the conclusion of the project.

In a more formal sense, Schedule Management is the process of:

  1. Defining up front how long it will take to perform the Work required to create and deliver your product.
  2. Actively measuring and controlling Work so that the product is created and delivered on time.

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