Just WAITTA Darn Minute!

Keeping the fundamental goals of your project at the forefront of tough decisions...

A fundamental component of successful engineering project management is the clear understanding of what it is you’re tasked with accomplishing—and then making it the central thing that guides all your decisions. Whenever you’re faced with a hard choice or fork in the management decision road, you should pause and ask yourself, “What Am I Trying To Accomplish?”

I call this taking a “WAITTA1-minute” moment, and it’s a fundamental secret to project management success.

“No word was ever as effective as a rightly timed pause.” —Mark Twain

This notion of going back to first principles and focusing on the project goals is so basic that it’s often overlooked by new engineering managers. They jump ahead and get caught up quickly in solutions and options—and in doing so, they often choose the wrong ones. And they do this because they forget what the project is ultimately about. Let me explain…

What Does A Project Manager Actually Do?

The 10 Key Jobs That Every Successful Project Manager Must Perform

There are ten core functions you must perform as an engineering project manager. All ten are critical to success, and none can be ignored. Your job as a project manager is to proactively plan and carryout each of these jobs in the correct order. If you don’t, you will risk failing. In this post below, I describe what the ten key PM jobs are, how they’re logically grouped together, and why they are each so important to your project’s success.
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Engineering Project Management: The Pyramid of 10 Key Functions and Roles of the Successful Project Manager